We've always been huge fans of Faberdashery's stunning 3D printing filaments: whenever we have a tricky print, or one that we want to look as good as it possibly can, Faberdashery has always been our first choice.

Several of the most stunning prints that we've made on our Ultimaker printers have used their materials, including our iconic Dragon print, and other high quality test pieces.

And we're pleased to say that we're now offering Faberdashery filaments for sale directly from the fbrc8 web store. We have a wide range of their stunning metallic and solid colors, available in both the Ultimaker-compatible 2.85mm size, and 1.75mm variants.

Faberdashery filament is sold by length; it comes in loose coils which are 100m long; be sure to select the diameter that you require, when ordering.



Thanks for visiting our site! Here at fbrc8, after more than two years of careful research and development work, and extensive product testing, we're excited to be taking our store live. These specialty filaments are just the start of a ramp-up process that will see us bringing a number of innovative, high-quality 3D printing products to North American audiences in the next few months.