New Engineering Materials

New Engineering Materials

January 19, 2021

fbrc8 has recently partnered with Kimya Filaments by Armor Group and FiberForce Italy to bring new engineering materials to you here in the US.

We'll be highlighting specific materials in an upcoming series of posts, but to start with, here is an overview of some of the new offerings.

Fiber Reinforced Materials

Fiber reinforced materials provide extra strength by infusing your filament with strands of carbon fiber, glass fiber, or kevlar. These materials will produce stiff, strong, and lightweight parts. Infusing materials like ABS and Nylon--which are normally prone to shrinkage--helps to reduce the amount of shrinkage and make them more dimensionally stable. 

  • Kimya PETG Carbon Fiber
  • Kimya ABS Kevlar
  • Kimya ABS Carbon Fiber
  • FiberForce Nylforce Glass (Natural)
  • FiberForce Nylforce Glass (Black)
  • FiberForce Nylforce Carbon

    Dual Extrusion Supports

    Ultimaker PVA is a great dual extrusion material for PLA, Tough PLA, CPE, and Ultimaker Nylon. It is hygroscopic though, so it's important to keep it in a controlled environment. It also, unfortunately, is not compatible with some of the stronger, high-temperature materials out there, like polycarbonate, or glass infused nylon.

    Here is where FiberForce Ghostforce material comes in handy.

    FiberForce Ghostforce has been specially formulated to print well with FiberForce Smart ABS, as well as FiberForce Nylforce Glass and Nylforce Carbon. Ghostforce is water-soluble for easy removal. It is also not hygroscopic, so it's less sensitive to the environment around it.

  • FiberForce Ghostforce

    ESD Safe ABS

    We are seeing an increasing number of applications using 3D printed cases and enclosures for sensitive electronic equipment. Electrostatic discharge can cause unexpected damage to electrical components. To keep your electronics safe in their 3D printed enclosures, we recommend printing them in ESD safe materials. 

    Antibacterial PLA

    Antibacterial PLA is formulated to reduce the growth of bacteria on surfaces, making it a good choice for items you'll be handling closely--or might want to wear on your face. Antibacterial PLA filaments have been one of the leading choices for face shields and mask inserts since the onset of the the COVID-19 pandemic last year. FiberForce Antibacterial PLA has been tested according to ISO 22196 standards. 

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