Introducing Drywise - the game-changing quality assurance tool for 3D printing.

Drywise patented closed loop drying system delivers perfectly conditioned 3D printing filament, even for highly hygroscopic materials like nylons, almost instantly and with virtually no downtime or pre-planning needed. This means you can focus on what really matters - designing and innovating.

With an ever-growing list of certified materials and preprogrammed profiles, Drywise makes it easy to print with even the most demanding technical plastics. Eliminate the guesswork from the drying process and achieve consistent, reliable results every time.

Unlike traditional filament dryers, Drywise processes only the section of filament that is 3D printed, reducing the amount of work needed and eliminating material degradation that can occur due to thermal cycling. Plus, smart sensors ensure the filament is always dried to the best 3D printing condition, without any risk of damage.

Key features of Drywise include its user-friendly UI, exchangeable and rechargeable desiccant cartridge, and safety sensors that detect idle moments and switch off heaters to ensure safety. Drywise is also versatile, as it only dries the filament passing through it during printing, allowing you to use any spool size and shape.

Upgrade your 3D printing game with Drywise 175 or Drywise 285, which work with 1.75mm and 2.85mm diameter filaments respectively. With Drywise quality assurance tool, you can save money, time, and effort by drying your filament as you print, and achieve high-quality prints with ease.

Please note, for running glass fiber or carbon fiber filaments, you will need the preheater attachment.

Read more about our experience with the Drywise on our blog.


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