Smarttech3D: Metrology-Grade Optical 3D Scanners

fbrc8 is excited to partner with SMARTTECH3D to bring world-quality 3D scanning solutions to our customers in North America.

For over 20 years, SMARTTECH3D has been implementing advanced solutions for optical measurements focused on capturing accurate 3D data using structured light measurement. Their robust designs are factory-calibrated to international metrology standards, guaranteeing accurate results out of the box, without tedious recalibration and maintenance procedures on site.

SMARTTECH3D's ethos of constant improvement has ensured that they have remained at the forefront of the market for highly accurate, low-maintenance CMM scanners that deliver the highest quality results across the full range of 3D scanning applications from quality control, to reverse engineering, and artifact documentation for archeology, museology and criminology applications.

By partnering with SMARTTECH3D, fbrc8 is able to bring these best-of-breed solutions to bear for new and existing customers looking to add another dimension to their 3D printing and digital engineering workflows.

Our showroom features the different families of SMARTTECH3D products for demonstration and proof of concept projects, and we can also offer application design services, and full support during implementation and application phases of your projects. Our broad range of experience in both 3D Scanning and 3D Printing applications allows us to tailor the perfect solution to fit your needs.

To find out more about these solutions, just click on one of the models below, or email 


Micron3D Green Stereo

The flagship model, offering accuracy as high as 17µm, and up to 1300 points per mm2

Micron3D Color

Full color scanning in high resolution, with accuracy as high as 25µm, and up to 900 points per mm2


Color scanning optimized for capturing human bodies, with scan times of 0.7s or less


Highly portable, color capture for a wide range of applications with accuracy down to 50µm.

SMARTTECH3D Universe Lite

Base model offering highly portable,  precision monochrome scanning