Magigoo at fbrc8

Magigoo at fbrc8

January 08, 2021

fbrc8 is committed to helping you get the best out of your printer. To get the best out of it, we believe in putting the best into it.

To that end, we're partnering with companies who can help bring out the best in your printer. Recently, we have begun carrying the full line of Magigoo products, which are in stock at fbrc8 for immediate availability.

What is Magigoo?

Magigoo is an easy to use 3D printing adhesive designed to address the 'first layer not sticking' problem: Magigoo ensures a strong adhesion to the heated bed plate, with the most difficult to print materials.

The liquid adhesive can be applied using the spring-valve, felt-tip applicator built into each bottle, in order to ensure clean and consistent application across your build plate.

Magigoo comes in a variety of special formulations to ensure that you have exactly the adhesion you need, whatever material you are printing with. You can find a list of tested combinations of machines, Magigoo, and materials here. Using the right adhesive is particularly important with engineering filaments, which tend to have high shrinkage rates and make adhesion more of a challenge.

How does it work?

The key to Magigoo's success is in the customized formulas for materials that are particularly prone to warping and adhesion issues. Nylon, polycarbonate, polypropylene, and and BASF Ultrasfuse each have a Magigoo formula that has been tested and verified for the best adhesive results for those materials.

Magigoo Original works well with most standard printing materials, such as PLA, CPE, PETG, and ABS.

To apply Magioo to your build plate:

  • While the bed is cold, wipe down your build plate with a wet cloth to ensure there's no debris on it.
  • Give your Magigoo a good shake to mix up the adhesive.
  • Remove the cap and press the felt tipped applicator against the build plate to release the adhesive. (Do not squeeze the bottle!)
  • Spread the Magigoo in one direction over the build plate, and then the other, to give yourself a nice smooth surface.


Will I be able to remove my prints easily?

Absolutely. Magigoo sticks the print to your build plate while it is hot, but will release easily once the build plate has cooled, as seen in the video below. Magigoo helps to prevent warping by ensuring the base of each print remains firmly attached to the print bed while the bed is heated, ensuring that your print comes out right the first time. 

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