Collet & Clamp Clip (2 each) S5/S3/UM3/UM2(+)/UMO+


A pair of Bowden tube collets and retaining clips. When installed in the machine, remove the clip, and push down on the collet, while pulling up on the tube, to remove the tube.

An official Ultimaker spare part, compatible with the following machines:

  • Ultimaker 2+ Connect
  • Ultimaker 3
  • Ultimaker 3 Extended
  • Ultimaker S5
  • Ultimaker S3
  • Ultimaker 2+
  • Ultimaker 2 Extended+
  • Ultimaker Original+
  • Ultimaker 2 Go
  • Ultimaker Original
  • Ultimaker 2
  • Ultimaker 2 Extended

Note: If you previously had a blue clamp clip, the white clamp clips are physically the same except for the color, and can be used interchangeably.

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