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SMARTTECH3D UNIVERSE is a portable 3D scanner combining high precision geometry measurement with realistic color texture capture.


Universe 2MP Scanner


The SMARTTECH3D UNIVERSE scanner was created for mobility, convenience, and simplicity of use, while maintaining maximum accuracy of measurements. It is a complete hardware and software solution allowing the creation of 3D documentation of any object, and processing results for 3D printing and other uses. The scanner is ideally suited as a measurement tool in both technical and non-technical applications.

Thanks to the plug & scan system, the SMARTTECH3D UNIVERSE scanner does not require any calibration and can be started immediately after connecting.

The solid aluminum housing and the durable carbon fiber support structure inside the scanner provide the best protection and stability possible for the optical sensors. It is small enough to be stored in a handy carrying case along with a compact revolving table that enables automated measurements from multiple angles.


Rear view of Universe 2MP scannet


The scanner includes SMARTTECH3Dmeasure control software, which is used to capture and align the scans, and produce STL mesh files for further analysis or 3D printing. It also can automatically calculate surface area and dimensions, and thanks to advanced functions and intelligent algorithms, creating documentation and 3D research models has never been so easy and convenient.

The scanner is covered by a 12-month warranty and full technical support provided by the best 3D scanning experts. This means that you can count on the help of our experienced team at every stage of 3D scanning.


 Table of Scan Accuracy and Resolution for various models

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