SmartTech3D MED 3D Scanner

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The SMARTTECH3D MED line has been developed in response to the growing demands from the health and safety sectors.

MED Scanner front view

With improvements to 3D scanning speed and surface color quality, scientists and doctors can now improve their workflows and offer new solutions using dedicated equipment designed for fast, accurate documentation of complex human body shapes.

The SMARTTECH3D MED scanner operates uses white-light measurement technology, so that the scanned person feels safe and comfortable. The specialized image capture system shortens the 3D scanning time to 0.7 seconds or less, minimizing discomfort, and helping avoid any problems due to subject movement.

MED scanner in vertical orientationThe results of these 3D measurements allow for quick surgery planning, accurate dimensional analysis of skin lesions, design of a dedicated prosthesis, or creation of other visualizations.

Applications have also been seen in criminology and policing, to capture forensic information about victims and suspects, as well as visual arts, game development and special effects and prosthetics design- anywhere that a detailed, true color 3D model of a human subject provides a starting point. 

The innovative technology used in SMARTTECH scanners on a daily basis in various industries is still under-utilized in medicine. Users need above all a user-friendly device that provides reliable and accurate results quickly, without having to spend time prepping or calibrating their equipment while the patient is waiting. SMARTTECH technology enables fast measurement and thanks to the plug & scan system, the scanner does not require any calibration and is ready to work immediately after switching on. The scanner can be used in either a horizontal or vertical orientation.

The ability to make fast, detailed measurements of the human body with the SMARTTECH3D MED scanner is not only helpful for the medical community, but also for graphics artists in the creation of video games and animation. Instead of long hours of virtual modeling in graphics programs, they can simply focus on the animation of the scanned model. The process of creating a digital human model with the SMARTTECH3D MED scanner takes just a few minutes.

Dedicated optics with adjustable white balance and contrast allow you to get the right color of the measured areas, so the analysis of skin lesions is easier than ever before. The solid steel housing and the durable carbon fiber support structure inside the scanner provide the best protection and stability possible for the optical sensors. 

Each 3D scanner from the SMARTTECH medical products line includes  specialized multifunctional software with a very intuitive interface - SMARTTECH3Dmeasure.

Multiple SMARTTECH3D MED scanning heads can also be used in parallel allowing simultaneous capture of multiple views from different angles, which can then be automatically aligned into a single model, further saving time and complication involved in taking multiple scans and intregrating them together.

The scanner is covered by a 12-month warranty and full technical support provided by the best 3D scanning experts. This means that you can count on the help of our experienced team at every stage of 3D scanning.

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