Smarttech3D MICRON3D Color Scanner

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Capture detailed 3D models, in full color: a scanner that can be  used not only in a lab, but also on the factory floor, or out on site.

Micron3D Color 24Mpix front view

Thanks to the high resolution and precision of 3D scanners produced by SMARTTECH3D, users can collect comprehensive information about complex structures that were difficult to scan until now, such as ceramic ornaments, clothing, and oil paintings.

The sensitive optical detector allows for scanning of shiny or dark objects which many scanners struggle to capture. Integration with SMARTTECH's shadeless lighting system provides the ability to obtain accurate color information in high resolution. All of these features make it possible to use the scanner for animation, computer games, digitizing historical artifacts, and 3D printing.  

  Available in 4 different resolutions, each with your choice of up to 4 different fields of view, each MICRON3D Color set includes:
  • a stable tripod with pan/tilt head for adjustment
  • positioning lasers
  • a sturdy transport case
  • a temperature-resistant housing made of carbon fiber
  • replaceable dust-proof filters to protect the scanner from any damage in the field

A preconfigured laptop delivered with the scanner is equipped with special SMARTTECH3Dmeasure software which enables automatic alignment of multiple scans on a rotary table or using removable adhesive markers, regardless of the object’s size. The software ensures a high quality result no matter how many scans are needed to capture the full object.


The technology applied in these 3D scanners uses only white light patterns. It guarantees safety of scanned objects, as the system does not use any lasers to scan your objects, protecting sensitive pieces like oil paintings during the digitization process.


The MICRON3D Color is a mobile 3D scanner intended to go with you wherever your work takes you. Each scanner comes in its own rigged flight case, and for ease of use, each Micron3D Color scanner is delivered with a dedicated Windows laptop with pre-installed software.  SMARTTECH's scanners are already calibrated – no additional configuration is required from the user to get started.

Micron3D Color Accuracy Chart



Deviation mapping of scan to CAD fileThe high accuracy of these scanners makes them ideal for automated quality control applications; scanned parts can be compared to original CAD files in order to identify any deviations from nominal specs. A report can be generated automatically using the Smarttech3Dmeasure software, and a color-coded deviation map can even be projected back onto the original object to assist staff in identifying problem areas.



Working backwards from physical object to digital file and then to a 3D printed replacement can work well for recreating critical components on obsolete equipment, renovating old artifacts, or customizing and updating designs when original CAD files may no longer be available. fbrc8 can advise of suitable hardware and software packages for these projects, or undertake that whole project for you from start to finish. 



Over 20 years' experience in producing 3D scanners and working with museums has helped SMARTTECH3D to optimize their scanners for measuring and digitizating national heritage artifacts. The CNC-controlled rotary tables allow you to automate the  measurement process. The fully-compatible, professional shadeless lighting system that is controlled by the scanner allows for a uniform mapping of the whole object’s texture and color – a unique solution in the market.




Professional repair services, technical assistance, and complete trainings on scanning and data processing are available in our Memphis facility. The scanner is covered by a 12-month warranty and full technical support provided by the best 3D scanning experts. This means that you can count on the help of our experienced team at every stage of your 3D scanning project.

For more information or to set up a demonstration in person or at our virtual showroom, please reach out to