<< SMARTTECH 3D Metrology-Grade 3D Scanners

The Lite version of the fully equipped, portable, easy-to-use Universe 3D scanner – for when you need high quality performance on the go, and on a budget. 

The SmartTech3D Universe Lite is a complete hardware and software solution that allows you to create monochrome 3D models extremely quickly. Full 3D scanning of your object and editing data on the computer takes less than 5 minutes.

SMARTTECH3D UNIVERSE LITE is a plug & scan scanner which means that it doesn't require calibration and can be used immediately after connecting it. The kit includes a manual
 rotary table that allows you to quickly scan and align multiple angles, while the addition of the included adhesive markers allows you to easily scan objects larger than the scanner's measuring field.

Universe Lite - Front View
SMARTTECH3D UNIVERSE LITE is a professional and factory-calibrated metrology tool, certified by the manufacturer according to the German VDI / VDE 2634 standard, and its measurement accuracy can be additionally confirmed by the certificate of an independent accredited metrology laboratory.

Universe Lite on tripod

The scanner is equipped with dedicated SMARTTECH3Dmeasure software for editing point clouds and triangle meshes. The software is adapted to work comfortably with large clouds of over 60 million points. Measurement functions for both the rotary table and reference markers enable you to fully automate the measurement process of objects with varying dimensions and shapes. The automatic data processing module guarantees a high quality model output.

• scanning head
• professional tripod
• manual rotary table
• professional transport case
• SMARTTECH3Dmeasure software
• set of position markers

Optional accessories allow for:
• increased optical resolution
• capturing color texture information
• positioning lasers to speed set-up
• integration with an automated rotating platform,
• pre-configured laptop with software,
• extended warranty options
• software maintenance packages

The scanner is covered by a 12-month warranty and full technical support. This means that you can count on the help of our experienced team at every stage of 3D scanning.

For more information or to set up a demonstration in person or at our virtual showroom, please reach out to