Bowden Tube w/ Collets & Clips L750 (S3/UM3/UM2/UMO+/Connect)


Official Ultimaker Spare Parts. Compatible with the following printers:

* Ultimaker 2+ Connect
* Ultimaker S3
* Ultimaker 3
* Ultimaker 3 Extended
* Ultimaker 2+
* Ultimaker 2 Extended+
* Ultimaker 2
* Ultimaker 2 Extended 
* Ultimaker Original
* Ultimaker Original+

Includes 2 x Retaining Collets and 2x Clamp Clips.

May be used with the Ultimaker 2 Go, but you will need to trim the tube length to 550mm.

Note: Not compatible with the Ultimaker S5 or S7. For those machines, please use the L850 bowden pack.

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