Olsson Block Starter Kit


The leading 3rd party nozzle upgrade kit for use with Ultimaker 2 printers – now available from fbrc8!

This kit includes a replacement heater block, tools, and 4 interchangeable nozzles in a selection of sizes for the Ultimaker 2 series printers.

Once this kit is installed, not only can you change to different sizes of nozzles easily, but you can do it without needing to dismantle the whole printhead. This makes cleaning the print head much easier, and lets you choose a better trade-off of speed and detail for each print. It also allows easier access to the temp sensor and heater cartridge from both sides of the block, making it easier to remove them if needed in future.

Other sizes of nozzles are available, and you can also use M6-threaded nozzles made from harder materials, such as steel, to avoid wear when printing with abrasive metallic or carbon fibre filaments.

The kit includes four brass nozzles - one of each of the following sizes:

  • 0.25mm (for finer detail work)
  • 0.4mm (like the original nozzle)
  • 0.6mm (for faster printing with only a little reduction in horizontal resolution), and
  • 0.8mm (for even faster prototyping with half the detail resolved in the x-y plane). 

This is not an official Ultimaker upgrade, but features the exact same parts from the same supplier. You will not invalidate your warranty by installing it, but any damage you cause during the installation process will not be covered by the printer's warranty. 

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