FiberForce Nylforce Carbon

Fiber Force

Filament composed by a tough nylon reinforced with a high content of carbon fibers, it’s perfect for precise and stable prints of objects that need to resist to high-temperatures, strains and impacts. Despite being engineering grade and abrasive material, it is easy to print with the most common desktop printers. It is a special professional material unique in its kind.

Available in 2.85mm, 500g, natural carbon color.

Compatible with water soluble Ghostforce support filament. 

Suggested for use on Ultimaker S3 and Ultimaker S5 machines with a CC Red Print Core.

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Compatible with Magigoo PA.

  • Suggested printing temperature: 250-265 C
  • Suggested printing speed: 40mm/s
  • Suggested bed temperature: 60-70 C

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