Proto-Pasta FerroMagnetic/Rustable Iron Filament


8" diameter spool of 500g of Proto-Pasta's Ferromagnetic Iron-infused PLA. This filament contains powdered iron, so that it has a rough cast metal appearance when printed, but can be rusted to give an aged appearance. It also responds to magnets (neodymium recommended).

Prints with normal-to-cool PLA settings (190-210ºC). A heated bed is not required but can be used at 50ºC.

The material is quite abrasive as it prints, so it can increase wear on soft brass nozzles. As a result, Ultimaker owners may wish to order spare nozzles, or upgrade to a more easily maintainable system such as the Olsson Block (ideally coupled with harder nozzles, such as Stainless Steel) to minimize wear.

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