Smarttech3D Micron3D color Stereo Scanner


MICRON3D color stereo represents a state-of-the-art 3D scanning solution designed specifically for the meticulous digitization of colorful items. This innovative non-contact measurement system serves as an ideal tool for creating precise digital replicas of real-world objects, catering to various needs such as preserving valuable artifacts or documenting prototypes. 

With its unparalleled resolution, this scanner offers the highest level of detail available in the market, making it well-suited for capturing intricate features of objects like pottery ornaments or detecting subtle damages such as canvas imperfections or microfractures. Its advanced sensor ensures the scanning of both dark and glossy surfaces, while its seamless integration with a shadow-free lighting system guarantees the acquisition of high-quality, precise color data.


Accurate digitization of colorful objectS: suitable for both lab and on-site use

SMARTTECH 3D scanners employ structured white light technology, for non-invasive capture that is laser-free, and ensures the safety of scanned objects. With its temperature-resistant carbon-fiber casing and replaceable dustproof filters, the MICRON3D color stereo scanner is suitable for any environemnt, and can be deployed even during excavations. 

As a high-resolution scanner with full color information capture. the Micron3D Color is an ideal instrument for creating precise digital replicas of real-world items, a process valuable for archiving precious artifacts or documenting prototypes. Its exceptional resolution enables the capture of intricate details like pottery ornaments or subtle damage such as canvas imperfections and microfractures. Additionally, it finds application in animation, computer games, and 3D printing.

Automated measurement and processing functions, along with seamless integration with a shadow-free lighting system, ensure high-quality shape and color data. The scanner's sensitive and adaptive detector facilitates the scanning of challenging objects that are dark or glossy. 

20 years' experience 

Smarttech3D has over 20 years' experience producing 3D scanners for museum applications, leading to the development of tools ideal for the measuring of national heritage objects. 

THis includes numerical controlled rotary stages for 360ยบ capture, and a fully integrated, professional shadeless lighting system triggered by a 3D scanner. It ensures uniform reproduction of texture and color throughout the entire object.

The Micron3D Color scanner is ideal for documenting, archiving, analyzing and sharing artefacts for research and education purposes.

Close up of scan data from a vase, showing individual full-color point data
Close-up of points captured by scanning a vase, showing full color per-point data.

Choice of Resolutions and ViEWS

The Micron3D Color Stereo scanner is avaliable in 3 resolutions, each with 3 fields of view.  This positional accuracy of the scanned points depends on the field of view, with more concentrated scan volumes giving more accurate results - as good as 21 microns (approximately 0.0008"), and the resolution and scan volume combining to determine the number of points captured per mm2.