Ultimaker filaments are formulated to ensure the highest print quality and cover a wide range of uses. Enjoy a seamless 3D printing experience with optimized, preconfigured Cura profiles (for Ultimaker 2+ printers) or easily customize them for your needs.

In particular, Ultimaker's PolyPropylene, CPE+, Polycarbonate, Nylon and TPU materials are optimized to produce great results in demanding engineering and mechanical applications. 

Polypropylene (PP) - Lightweight and durable

  • A durable, tough, material that offers exceptional fatigue resistance and low friction. It also has excellent chemical, temperature, and electrical resistance. Suitable for producing everything from electrical components to living hinges, PP is equally good for creating functional prototypes and fpr end-use products. Optimized for both Ultimaker 2+ and Ultimaker 3 series.

CPE+ (co-polyester)Chemical resistant and tough

  • CPE materials are chemical resistant, tough, and dimensionally stable. CPE+ offers increased impact strength, and handles temperatures up to 100 ºC, compared to the 70º threshold for Ultimaker's regular CPE.

PC (polycarbonate)Strong, tough and temperature resistant

  • PC offers a great print quality, heat resistance up to 110 ºC, mechanical strength and toughness.

Nylon (polyamide)Abrasion-resistant and durable

  • Ultimaker Nylon is strong, abrasion-resistant, durable and engineered for low moisture sensitivity.

TPU 95A (thermoplastic polyurethane)Wear and tear resistant, for flexible prints

  • Our TPU features a Shore-A hardness of 95 and an elongation of up to 580% at break. It’s suitable for applications that require slight flexibility, wear and tear, and chemical resistance. 

Please note: These engineering materials are optimized for use on Ultimaker 2+ and Extended+ printers, and pre-built settings profiles are only available for those machines - and only in Cura v2.1.3 or later.  Therefore, use on older model Ultimakers is not recommended or supported.