Kimya filaments by Armor group provide solutions for manufacturers who wish to integrate additive manufacturing into their production processes for finished parts, tooling, or quick prototyping.

Which material is right for you?


  • Kimya’s 99% recycled, 99% biosourced PLA-R is easy to print, produces no odor, and results in no shrinkage. The perfect choice for eco-friendly PLA lovers. 


  • Kimya’s biosourced, odorless PLA-HI is just as easy to print as regular PLA but has extra impact resistance. The perfect choice for PLA lovers who need a little extra strength.


  • Kimya’s lightweight ABS Carbon offers better interlayer adhesion and tensile modulus and abrasion resistance than typical ABS. The perfect choice for ABS lovers looking for an upgrade.


  • Kimya’s lightweight ABS Kevlar offers excellent dimensional stability with a good finish. The perfect choice for ABS lovers looking for a little extra. 


  • Kimya’s easy-to-print ABS ESD is impact resistant and protects from ESD. The perfect choice when you need a little protection.


  • Kimya’s hydrophobic PETG-S offers high flexibility and impact strength while printing easily and odorlessly. The perfect choice for the PETG lover.


  • Kimya’s PETG Carbon doesn’t shrink and offers humidity resistance. The perfect choice for the PETG lover looking for a little extra.


  • Kimya's PEBA filament is extremely flexible and impact resistant.