Faberdashery makes some of the best 3D printing filaments out there. For as long as we've been using 3D printers here at fbrc8, we've been huge fans of their materials: a great combination of fabulous colors and great print quality. The metallic materials are especially stunning. And that's why we're especially pleased to bring these materials to the USA, with our usual low-cost shipping options.

We currently sell this premium quality PLA filament in loose-coiled 100m lengths. We get great results printing the 2.85mm filaments at up to 230ºC on our Ultimaker printers, but also offer the 1.75mm versions for users of other types of printers.

Please make sure you select the correct size filament for your 3D printer.

(Note: These are sold by length, not weight, but for comparison, 100m of 2.85m filament weighs about 880g).