UltiMaker S5


The S5 makes it easy to click and print with an unrivaled range of materials so your 3D printing applications can meet the demands of the real world. Choose from advanced engineering polymers, glass or carbon fiber composites, recycled filaments, and stainless steel.

  • Build Volume: 330x240x300mm (13x9.4x11.8 inches)
  • Build Chamber: partly enclosed, passively heated
  • Build Plate: Glass
  • Extrusion: bowden dual extrusion
  • Print cores and nozzle: Swappable print cores; the printer comes with .4mm nozzles, but additional print cores with nozzle sizes in .25mm, .6mm, and .8mm are also available
  • Compatible materials: more than 280 compatible filaments with profiles available through the UltiMaker marketplace
  • Spool holder: NFC-enabled for 2 spools

Compatible with the Air Manager to better filter and enclose your printer, and the Material Station to allow for continuous printing without runout.

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Type: 3D Printer

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