Ultimaker 2+ Tamper Resistant Safety Enclosure

Printed Solid

This is an enclosure kit for the Ultimaker 2+ or Ultimaker 2, designed and manufactured by Printed Solid. Please note that this product is drop-shipped from the manufacturer in Delaware, and not sent from our facility in Memphis. Standard shipping for this item is USPS priority mail or UPS ground. If order is received before 10:30 AM central time, item should ship same day. Later orders may ship on the next business day.

Help regulate the temperature and reduce drafts for improved print quality and keep curious fingers (or paws) off of your print. You also get a slight reduction in the already low noise output of the Ultimaker printer.   In addition, this tamper resistant version of the door includes a lock for the door and the door extends to cover the control panel to prevent people from poking at it during operation.  

This is perfect for schools, libraries, museums, and other similar spaces where the printer is in a place that is open to the public.  You maintain the nice view of the operation, but prevent curious hands from messing with the control dial during operation.

The kit includes an instruction sheet, the laser cut panels, pre-mounted door hinges, lock, and fasteners.  The Ultimaker 3 3D printer is not included with the enclosure kit.  If you are looking to get one, we have them available for purchase here.  

Some of the features of the design that we think are really neat:

  • Lift off enclosure box on top.
  • Hinged doors that attaches easily to existing mounting points on front of printer.
  • Front Door lock
  • Cover over control dial when door is closed.
  • We have built in a location for mounting a 40mm fan to vent air from the chamber.  You would use this to manage fumes.  Some designs use things like HEPA filters to reduce films for things like ABS, HEPA filters are not rated for the ultrafine particles (UFP) that people are concerned about with ABS.  A better approach for managing these particles (aside from simply not using ABS) is to maintain a small pressure differential so that the enclosure is at a lower pressure than the room and particles do not flow out.  You would then tie this exhaust into exhaust leaving the room.  Don't want that feature?  Simply tape over the holes.  
  • No glue is required for assembly.  However, acrylic can be readily solvent welded, so you can easily fix a piece if you break it.  (of course we can get you a replacement part too, but in a pinch...)
  • No drilling, cutting, or other modifications to the printer itself are required.  

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Type: Printing Supplies

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