• Proto-Pasta Carbon Fiber Filament (500g)

Proto-Pasta Carbon Fiber Filament (500g)

8" diameter spool of 500g of Proto-Pasta's Carbon-Fiber-infused PLA. Contains 15% carbon fiber by weight. Prints with normal PLA settings (195-220ºC). A heated bed is not required but can be used at 50ºC.

Because it is stiffer than regular PLA, it is ideal for frames, shells, propellers and other applications where rigidity is desired.

The material is quite abrasive as it prints, so it can increase wear on soft brass nozzles. As a result, Ultimaker owners may wish to order spare nozzles, or upgrade to a more easily maintainable system such as the Olsson Block (ideally coupled with harder nozzles, such as Stainless Steel) to minimize wear.