6in Blue Tape


6"-wide Scotch 2090 Blue tape is great for printing PLA on a cold bed. The extra width helps to avoid curling at the edges, and ensures a smooth finish without seams for typical-sized prints. We recommend that you wipe the tape down with isopropyl alcohol immediately prior to printing, for maximum adhesion, and then soak the bottom of the finished print in more alcohol for a few minutes to remove any tape remnants cleanly, and leave a clean crepe finish on the print surface.

This tape is 6" wide, and 60 yards long. Even if you only get one print per piece, that makes the roll good for 300-400 prints - at a cost of about 10 to 15 cents a print - and it only takes a few seconds to cut and lay down a fresh piece; no more lining up lots of smaller strips, or getting seams across the bottom of your print.

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