As Ultimaker's US Assembly and Support partner, we're pleased to offer a limited number of factory-refurbished 3D printers at great discounts, starting at just $1299 (+tax) for an Ultimaker 2.

Carefully rebuilt and fully tested by our experienced technicians, fbrc8's Refurbished units are a very cost effective way to obtain a printer that offers great results. All of these units are pre-owned, or have been used as demo or test models. The units may have some cosmetic damage, such as scratches or dings on some of the panels, and may be older models than the current range - but in all operational respects they are guaranteed to perform just as well as a brand new unit of the same type.

Just like a new printer, these units are covered by Ultimaker's full 12-months warranty (with the sole exception of not covering cosmetic damage): all parts and labor will be covered, for a full year from your date of purchase, to repair any problems affecting print quality.

We are also offering a limited number of Ultimaker 2 printers with the Extrusion Train Upgrade kit pre-installed, so that they are functionally equivalent to a 2+ model. For details, please see the individual UM2 Refurb pages.